Failed Blogs Vs. Successful Blogs: 7 Reasons Blogs Fail

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Failed Blogs Vs. Successful Blogs: 7 Reasons Blogs Fail

You want to start a successful blog but are having your doubts?

I am right there with you.

  • What do I write about?
  • How do I find an audience?
  • Why would anyone care?
  • Do I even have time?

Hubspot wrote an article where they debunked some common blogging myths. It is safe to say, a lot of your doubts may be shared with others.

The first problem many prospective bloggers have is what to write about. There are many bloggers able to succeed in writing about their passions and use their blogs as simply a creative outlet.

Then there are bloggers who approach a blog as a business, intended to grow a following and make money. Maybe they want to quit their day job, create some side-income, or get rid of some student loan or credit card debt.

My tips and strategies are intended for people to hopefully accomplish both! It is important to find the middle path between the two approaches.

Let’s dive in.

Finding the golden path between passion and opportunity

Building a massive multi-million dollar blog can be done on accident. Fortunately, there are defined marketing and content creation strategies that can help you achieve that.

The first step in creating a successful blog is to define the perfect synergy between writing about a passion vs. writing about something to make money. 

If organized and approached strategically and consistently, a blog can grow to replace a full-time income. It is not rare to make $1,000-2,500/month by the end of your first year and some bloggers have even hit six-figure yearly income after just 3 years.

The growth for this type of blog is exponential as you will be utilizing remarketing, email marketing, and monetizing your audience from multiple streams. Diversify the revenue!

Some bloggers claim that the blogging industry is too saturated but in reality, 90% of the blogs are around for 3-months before disappearing. The blogs that become successful and thrive are the people who hang in and tough out the first few months of minimal traffic. Google wants to see consistency before they trust you enough to start giving you traction.

The success of your blog revolves around your ability to balance writing about a passion you have, but in a way that can be monetized. If you approach your blog with making money in mind, you will leave your competitors in the dust. At the same time, writing about a topic in which you don’t enjoy or have a passion for while cause you to lose interest awfully quick.

Failed blogs vs. successful blogs: 5 Reasons

1.      Profit over passion: It is easy to see a very successful blogger and think, “I want to make money too.” These types of bloggers are the ones who end up blogging simply because they thought it can make them good money if they put in a little bit of work. Passion is the key to being successful at a niche like blogging. Similar to many things in life, passion can be the best motivator. However, be careful not to choose something so focused that there isn’t an audience behind it. A nice blend of passion + marketability is preferable to find successful topic. 



2.      Zig when everyone else is zagging: The best bloggers are the ones who can target an industry and bring something new to the table. They are refreshing and add considerable value to that niche. That creativity and difference from the rest is sure to bring eyeballs to your blog. Most bloggers start with creating search-optimized content and then go out and build backlinks, spam their blog on social media, etc. The problem here is that this type of traffic has a low attention span. If you don’t have some creativity in your writing, you will be just a quick answer to your visitors. 



3.      Wheres the money?: Similar to a lack of passion, new bloggers with the intent of earning money can be quickly let down when they notice that there is no money coming in after they have put 5-6 months of effort into a blog. Your main objectives need to be becoming an industry leader in your topic by establishing authority and really connecting with your audience. Blogging is a grind. Plain and simple. Blogging can be frustrating and tiring as you see your traffic stagnate for months at a time, being unable to get anyone to come to your blog. 



4.      No content plan: If you are like me, you might have issues staying on task with one single thing. I bounce around from idea to idea, and routinely have a tough time completing projects all the way through. Firstly, you need to do your keyword research to find the search terms your audience is performing. With that, you can create a content strategy with 50 blog post topics ready to research and write is the key to having a linear goal-focused approach. If you know you need to write 1 article per week, you simply need to look at what is next on the list. Creating a content plan will ensure that your content is also focused and made for a reason. Don’t get me wrong, you can always blog spontaneously about any topic you wish. In this event, an editorial or personal section might be perfect for you. 

5.      Technical SEO is lacking: Although I recommended not to become an SEO robot and be more creative with your writing, technical SEO is so vital to being found on organic search. The reason this is so important is because organic traffic is the only traffic that is truly evergreen and free (as long as you remain high on the results page). Keep your SEO strategies completely ethical and do not try any spammy strategies to build links or boost your SEO. This will only bite you in the behind down the line. 




Conclusion: the golden path

The difference between a successful blog and a failed blog fundamentally a lack of preparation and passion. Being consistent with your content production, providing value, and sharing your content on multiple mediums that your audience spends their time on. Define your own voice, who your target audience is, stay consistent and keep your objectives in mind and your blog can succeed.

Thanks for reading!

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