7 Easy Ways to Grow an Email List (INFOGRAPHIC)

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7 Easy Ways to Grow an Email List (INFOGRAPHIC)

If you are a blogger, an enterprise, or a small business, your number one method of marketing your products is via email. It is your one single opportunity to have a single targeted conversation with a user that is actually interested in your product or service.

Email marketing and SEO are the most frequent sources of eCommerce traffic for respondents across all revenue ranges while channels such as affiliates and content marketing were less frequently used (MarketingSherpa ecommerce benchmarks 2017)

Brands that have a heavy reliance on channels like YouTube, FaceBook, Instagram, etc. are at the mercy of those companies when it comes to how they can advertise and interact with their users.

You can see how this can lead to some problems.

I have heard horror stories of influencers losing their entire business model when they are de-platformed.

Therefore, having an external website gives you the most power and an email list that connects to it is paramount!

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How to grow an email list

In order to grow an email list, you need to define some key strategies that you can implement easily!

Here are 7 fundamental ways on how to grow your email list:

  1. Add a lightbox form to your site: One of my previous sites experienced a 88% increase in newsletter subscribers after I added a pop-up form.
  2. Create an extremely valuable downloadable asset: A 1-page fact shoot may not be enough anymore; try a full-length eBook or white paper that includes information they can not find elsewhere.
  3. Free consulting session or live webinar on a topic or subject. 
  4. Take that video consulting session or live webinar and offer it as a downloadable asset. 
  5. Create a giveaway or contest and newsletter subscribers will be picked at random if they complete all of the designated fields.
  6. If you create videos or blog posts, make sure to add subscriber call to actions or other incentives to get people over to your site.
  7. Use social media to promote your newsletter. Define the key benefits and incentives for signing up that is unique to just following on social.

Essentially, you will want to set up an automation workflow, which will send subscribers automated emails that you can set up ahead of time.

Think of your subscribers like customers whom you must nurture and build trust with as you slowly push your core product offering.

7 Simple ways to Grow an Email List infographic


Your newsletter subscribers are a fountain of knowledge for you to better understand the needs or products they want. Survey them in exchange for incentives or discounts!

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