Social Media SaaS — Brainstorming USPs and an MVP

Social Media SaaS - Building an MVP

Social Media SaaS — Brainstorming USPs and an MVP

Here is another story of a millennial attempting to create a web app, thinking he has the perfect gap-filling asset.

I have used quite a few social media management tools in my days including BufferHootsuiteCoSchedule, and many more.

While most of these platforms are great in their own right, their functionality might be best suited for small enterprises and young social media teams looking to free up some time.

They allow you to schedule posts, gather elementary insights on performance, and rarely: auto-repromote high performing content.

In my mind, those are the 3 bare essential functions that such a tool should have.

I see some opportunity in terms of the existing functionality and wanted to create a platform that takes those core elements and builds upon it.

With a lack of software development skills, my options are limited.

Those limited options seem to be:

  • Potentially white labeling (reseller) of an existing platform to build a customer base and gauge interest on proposed customizations
  • Create my own via a codeless or lowcode development platform (if even possible for an MVP)
  • Pay a developer to build the MVP
  • Find a dev to be a partner and co-founder for equity stake (“No dev would want to co-own a project with a noob like you*”)

*I am indeed a business noob but work in marketing for a SaaS fintech at the moment and have had great success *borat voice*.

Same s***, different story?

Sounds familiar. However, there are some key product differences.

To give a general idea of the “USP”:

The platform would be a web + social insights tool suitable more for B2B.

Input: Plug in vertical, competitors, keywords and select metrics of choice.

Output: Report of top-performing social posts (organic and paid), influencers, hashtags, ideal publishing time/date, and content recommendations (graphic vs video vs text, video duration, etc.)

While the functionality isn’t necessarily unique, it provides a centralized dashboard to perform competitor analysis, generate attractive reports (for c-level presentations) and the “USP” would be the content recommendations.

Content recommendations would be where machine learning comes into play (Oooh pretty word) but it is also where the biggest challenge lies.

To create a web app that would be able to examine what intricacies about content exceeds performance expectations.

The overall goal will be: hacking viral content with common denominator detection that will analyze competitors, notable influencers, and high performing social posts — then generate specific recommendations on achieving your desired KPI outcomes.

To accomplish this: there would need to be

  • A way to detect commonalities with high performing content
  • A way to examine the structure and format of that content (text vs. video, UGC, etc).
  • A way to generate recommendations that also examines your current content against other metrics

Most social media savvy pros can pool all of this together separately currently but I think the all-in-one platform can be beneficial to any companies looking to reduce their toolset and overhead.

The social media publishing element (Buffer, Coschedule, etc.) are the “gotta-have” functions that would allow those companies to make the switch.

Essentially, my platform is more of a functionality aggregator — taking existing cool stuff from different places and putting all in one nice, cost-saving place.

This is still just a spitballing session in my head.

I am not married to any single idea so am very open to critique or corrections on any existing capabilities!